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Hear what our SAF graduates have to say

"I am glad I took the challenge and pursued the EMBA under the SWS.  It was a great learning experience and helped me adjust towards a civilian career. I learnt from my EMBA that running a business is not just about profitability. While we must achieve profits to continuously improve our life, we must not neglect important long term goals such as sustainability and giving back to community. I am proud to share my military experience with my classmates, giving them a perspective on the security issues in our world, and our thoughts and strategies to ensure that Singapore is secure. During the EMBA, I found the team projects most useful as it provided me opportunities to build relationships through working together as an effective team.  It was most enriching for me to learn from the vast experiences of my classmates and the professors. I thank the SAF for a meaningful first career and their support for my career transition. I also thank SMU in providing the scholarship which gave me a chance to study again.  Thank you SMU.."


- COL (NS) Yong Wui Chiang
Year 2015, Graduate of EMBA programme

“Going back to School was daunting initially but I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. I benefitted a lot from the Master of Science in Innovation Course. It was not only academically challenging but industry-relevant and practical. There was emphasis on interaction, experiment, thinking outside-the-box, pushing boundaries and challenging assumptions. We were given frameworks, concepts, practical tips, know-hows and access to resources and networks by various agencies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and professors. Working with a fantastic group of classmates from all walks of life was enriching. We were constantly encouraged to innovate and use our skills and knowledge effectively to solve problems and champion causes. Thank you SMU for the opportunity and support.”


- LTC Yeo Hock Seng, Commando  
Year 2015, Graduate of MI programme

"It is my pride and honour to have been supported by both Singapore Management University and the Singapore Armed Forces as a beneficiary of the SMU Warriors Scholarship (SWS). Being educated in SMU provided me a forward-looking and dynamic environment to open-up mind spaces, explore new boundaries, ideate with domain leaders and curate new networks. I now stand more confident to assail my future with new knowledge and new capacities. My track of studies in MSc in Communication Management (MCM) allowed me to gain insights into strategic advocacy, influence and effective transformation for success in our fast-paced milieu. The MCM programme was immensely relevant where I was readily able to connect back to my military experiences, to challenge my paradigms and to learn deeper. I am, indeed, grateful for the opportunity of further growth after more than 30 years of service to our Nation and remain steadfast in my belief that success awaits those who seek it."


- LTC (RETD) Thiruthakka Devan
Year 2016, Graduate of MCM programme

"I am very grateful that SMU mooted the idea of recognising SAF Officers. I was awarded the SMU Warriors Scholarship (SWS) to pursue the Masters of Science in Communications Management Studies Programme in 2015. The journey of this lifelong learning has been exhilarating with my coursemates, the various Profs as well as the immense support that my wife and my children had given me. In fact, two of my daughters was also preparing for their GCE A Level exams last year, so stress was everywhere. 

I was attracted to this programme as it provided both theoretical as well as case studies that were centered on real life cases in the areas of communications. This is made possible as SMU has a very strong Case Studies Writing Centre which produces sterling work. This was important as we will be grounded with practical communications challenges that a student would face. 

It was not a walk in the park as the assignments and the numerous readings before each class demanded self-discipline and a critical mind so that one can yield the most during the class discussions from peers as well as from the Faculty Professors and visiting Guest Speaker CEOs and Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officers from CapitalLand China, Unilever, P&G amongst many. In addition, as the course had two segments where we were required to take modules in Anderson School of Management in UCLA and USI in Switzerland; we were expose to the different Communication issues from the American and European settings. The intensive one week segment in SMU on the Asian perspectives of Communications was another significant module where I enjoyed. This exchanges were very beneficial as it provided a glimpse of how we are to bring Communications to the next level ("Thinking In the Next") and be an indispensable member on the Company's Board. 

I would like to thank the Programme Director - Prof Mark Chong and the many Profs in the LKCBS Faculty as well as Postgraduate Professional Programmes (PGPP) - Prof Philip Zerillo and his team for an Outstanding Course and Partnership".


- LTC (RETD) Chin Hong Fai, Humphrey
Year 2016, Graduate of MCM programme


Last updated on 01 Sep 2016 .