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Key Terms and Conditions

This is a bond free scholarship.
Detailed Terms and Conditions will be reflected in the Scholarship Agreement to be signed between the Scholarship awardee and SMU. 
The key terms and conditions include:
  • The Scholars shall be eligible to use all SMU facilities and services which are typically open to full fee-paying SMU students.
  • The Scholars are expected to apply themselves diligently to fulfill all the requirements of their respective Postgraduate degree.
  • The Scholars must complete the postgraduate degree within stipulated time, and must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 & above. 
  • The Scholars must be good ambassadors of the Postgraduate degree, SMU and MINDEF.
  • The Scholars shall abide by all prevailing rules and regulations applicable to SMU students especially its code of conduct and discipline. 
  • The Scholarship will only cover SMU's local tuition fees for the selected postgraduate degree.  It does not cover any other cost such as admission fees, student fees, cost of course materials and books.
  • The Scholarship does not cover the overseas component (compulsory or optional requirement of the Postgraduate degree) such as overseas course fees, airfare, accommodation, and personal expenses.

Last updated on 05 Nov 2020 .