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Who can apply for the CE Master’s programme?

SAF Officers who graduated from Phase 1 of the CSC/CSC[E] will be able to apply for the SAF CE Master’s sponsorship programme.

What is the minimum requirement for my CSC/CSC[E] modules to be transferred as credit to Phase 2?

You have to score a culmulative GPA of 2.5 and above for the 5 CSC or 4 CSC[E] modules.

What is the maximum candidature to complete the Masters programme?

Enrolled SAF Officers has to complete the master’s degree programme within 3 years, from the day of admission.

If I attended CSC at a foreign institution, can I apply for CE Master’s programme and its sponsorship?

The SAF CE Master's sponsorship is for CSC/CSC(E) students who have gained admission to the CE Master's Programme. Officers who attended CSC at a foreign institution can apply to do a regular full or part-time Master's degree programme at NTU/SMU or any other university, but credit transfer from overseas CSC will be at the discretion of the university. You may apply for the Part-time Master's Sponsorship Scheme or other existing sponsorship schemes such as the reimbursement scheme/LEAP if you wish to pursue your Master's degree.

Will I be granted time-off for my examinations? How many days of unrecorded leave am I entitled to?

Yes, there is unrecorded leave of 3 days per subject with a cap of 12 days per year for examinations. This is an existing provision that is applicable to all MINDEF/SAF sponsored programmes. 

How and when will I know if I am sponsored?

Applicants will be informed by their PMCs regarding the award of sponsorship.


Last updated on 06 Jan 2016 .